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The definition of a beautiful home does not stop at the interior. For a complete and magical space, the style and design of the interior must also extend into the outdoors. With an experienced landscape builder like Brin Jones at your disposal, you have the opportunity to turn any outdoor space into an exquisite one.

Brin is owner and operator of Jones Landscapes and with 14 years’ experience in construction he brings expertise and creativity to every job. His experience within the Melbourne market provides clients with an outdoor space designed to work well with the unique conditions that Melbourne has to offer. Specialising in residential landscaping, his design and execution always results in innovative outdoor spaces.

Jones Landscapes has a passion for taking their customers visions and going above and beyond to make them a reality. A total commitment to the finer details of a project ensures lasting satisfaction with the product. Brin and his team ensure that they get to know their customers and build a relationship with them to ensure that they fully understand their needs and tastes. The business is kept small on purpose so that every job taken on get’s the personalised and focused treatment they deserve.

Working to create a spectacular outdoor environment, the team ensures quality workmanship and carefully considered material selection to get the best possible result. They stay ahead of the game, making sure they are up to date with the rapidly developing industry of landscape design and techniques. This commitment to design and forward thinking sets Jones Landscapes at the front of the pack in terms of the competition.

To guarantee that their design is translated into a quality end product Jones Landscapes works with professional and experienced local suppliers. An active member of Landscaping Victoria (LV) and Master Builders Association Victoria (MBAV) you can be assured of the quality services provided.

Jones Landscapes like to keep the client in the loop with comprehensive quotes and thorough design documentation to help the client visualise what their new outdoor environment will look like and what it will cost to create. No client of theirs will ever get a nasty surprise because Jones Landscapes puts everything on the table from the get go.

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